I'm a computer scientist, consultant, researcher and professor.
I also like to brew beer at home, listen to music and to be with my family and friends.

A Little More About Me

Tiago Barros holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science (UFPE-2007), B.Sc. in Computer Science (UFPE-2003) and Tecnician in Electronics (ETFPE-1998) with more than 20 years of experience in software development, 17 of these in commercial projects.

Tiago works at CESAR since 2002, in a wide variety of platforms and programming languages, having developed software for desktop and web applications; mobile devices with Symbian, J2ME, BREW and Android; cloud computing; IoT and embedded systems, including microcontrollers, ARM and DSP processors.

Tiago has a solid C/C++ and assembly knowledge, with strong experience in software and hardware architecture, operating systems and device driver development (linux), real time systems, design patterns and software development processes.

In 2008 Tiago changed to Curitiba (south of Brazil) to start the first CESAR branch on this city, where he worked for more than 4 years in an innovation project that creates new products based on a user centered design process.

Tiago is also an invited professor of the UFPE/Motorola postgraduate course over 13 years. He also teaches electronic prototyping classes in Computer Science and User Experience Design courses at CESAR and UFPE since 2009.

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Here you will find some of my works and presentations,
including courses and talks.

KNoT Manifesto

Presented on Intel Software Day 2015

How to integrate Arduino and Android

C/C++ handout

Talk at Campus Party Recife, about connecting Arduino to Android

Introduction to arduino

Software construction

Arduino complete course

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Here you will find some of my most important publications. Some of them are in portuguese.
If there is any publication that you want to read and it is not here,
please request it in the Contact section.

IHC 2011

BARROS, T. ; MELO, P. . Prototyping as a powerful tool in a user centered innovation process. In: V Latin American Conference on Human Computer Interaction IHC 2011, 2011, Recife - PE.

V Encuentro Latinoamericano de Diseño, 2010

BARROS, T. ; FILENO, E.. . Prototipación Electronica en Diseño. In: V Encuentro Latinoamericano de Diseño, 2010, Buenos Aires - AR.

M.Sc. Dissertation

BARROS, T. CMF – um framework multi-plataforma para desenvolvimento de aplicações para dispositivos móveis. Dissertação de Mestrado, Centro de Informática – UFPE. Recife – PE, 2007.

StateMVC Design Pattern

BARROS, T. ; Silva, M. ; Espínola, E. . StateMVC: Estendendo o padrão MVC para uso no desenvolvimento de aplicações para dispositivos móveis. In: SugarLoafPLoP´2007, Porto de Galinhas – PE. SugarLoafPLoP´2007 Proceedings, 2007. p. 188-204.


BARROS, T. ; Mendes, E. ; Menezes, P. . Gluon - An Eclipse Based BREW Development Environment. In: EclipseCon 2007, OpenSource Pavillion, Santa Clara – CA.

PC Ao Vivo

BARROS, T. . PC Ao Vivo - A BREW application to remote control a PC, based on RFB protocol. In: Vivo IDEIA Award 2004, 1st place national winner, São Paulo - SP, 2004.

B.Sc. Work

BARROS, T. SymbG(r)aF – A Symbian Games Framework. Trabalho de Graduação, Centro de Informática – UFPE. Recife – PE, 2003.

WJogos´ 2003

KARLSSON, B.; BARROS, T.; NASCIMENTO, I.; RAMALHO, G. Análise de tecnologias de desenvolvimento de jogos para dispositivos móveis. In: WJogos 2003, Salvador – BA. WJogos´ 2003 Proceedings.


ALBUQUERQUE, G.; BARROS, T.; NASCIMENTO, I; COSTA, K.; FRERY, A. VideoComposer – Motion-Object Capture With Active Contours to Compose Videos. In: Revista Eletrônica de Iniciação Científica – REIC, 2002.

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